Touching Recovery Story Of A Poor Puppy Abandoned In Trash

Without a doubt, a puppy is the best friend anyone can have. However, countless stories of dogs that have had a bad time abound on the internet, but also of happy endings when, at last, they find good people who fill them with much love and tenderness.

The puppy was found on the banks of a river in a deplorable physical condition


Coco is a charming puppy who was not to blame for having fallen into the hands of unfeeling humans who failed to value him despite his nobility. What he was about to experience never passed through his mind.

For reasons that are unknown and without any justification, the dog was in terrible conditions among waste on the banks of a river. Without exaggeration, each of the bones in his body could be counted. He was found by people who were passing by and when they realized the situation they rescued him.

Coco’s body was extremely thin, it was evident that she had not eaten in a long time. Hunger and thirst overwhelmed him, but the weakness he felt prevented him from moving to try to find something to satisfy himself. He was saturated with parasites all over his little body.

Fortunately, the people who rescued him immediately provided him with food and water.

When they took him to DELKA Veterinary Hospital, in Nuevo León, Mexico, the staff that treated him could not escape their astonishment, despite the fact that they were used to seeing similar situations, Coco’s case was very unfortunate and sad for the life of the puppy. .

“How can there be human beings like that, capable of doing so much harm to a little animal?” asked an angry Internet user.

The professionals at the hospital confirmed the degree of malnutrition of the dog, and applied a severe and rigorous treatment. The little animal was grateful and put all his effort and enthusiasm into getting ahead.

Words were not necessary to express himself, his gestures said what he felt when he saw himself so loved and protected as never before.

Not a month had passed and the change was already noticeable. He weighed 50 pounds and looked quite recovered and happy. He also received physical rehabilitation with runners so that he could move easily, and he was taken to live with people who loved him very much.

When they thought everything was fine, the alarms went off again

When they least expected it, the puppy began to feel bad, did not want to eat and presented very high temperatures. The cause of the new symptoms had to be sought. They evaluated him and realized it was coccidioidomycosis, a serious fungal infection.

“He is a courageous dog with a big heart, he will get ahead because he deserves it!” Said an empathetic user.

But this time he was not alone, the people who took care of him were supporting him at all times. And indeed, Coco was not daunted, he remained courageous and eager to recover. He had overcome many bad things in his life, and this would be no exception.

Every day that passed was an achievement for him. He clung tightly to life and the love he received. After two long months, the puppy managed to overcome the disease.

His barks of joy show how happy he is with his dog brothers with whom he plays and has fun.

Finally, Coco was adopted by his rescuers who are always attentive to his needs.

He has an older human sister who loves him above all else.

Life smiles at him and he enjoys the great opportunity it has given him. He has even joined an athletic group to always stay in shape.

The bad times are over, for Coco there are many days of happiness ahead, just as it should have always been in her life.

You too become a guardian of the little animals in trouble, they will thank you with their unconditional love!

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