Touching Moment Of A Dog Says Goodbye To Her Puppy With A Kiss Before He Is Adopted

The emotional farewell of a dog and her puppy are stirring the feelings of the hardest of hearts. According to the breed and its size, the number of pups that a canine can have throughout its life varies, but it is no secret that many of these families are separated.
This dog has suffered this situation firsthand.
It is difficult for a person to keep all the puppies of a furry one and that is why adoption is always recommended, in order that all the puppies have a better life.

The matter becomes almost restrictive when we talk about the case of stray dogs and that is precisely what has happened in this story.

The dog could not keep her little ones with her.

A furry woman who lives off the affection and generosity of the students of Zhengzhou University in Henan province (China), was recorded when she said goodbye to one of her puppies.

Her watery eyes touch everyone.

A girl on a motorcycle goes for the furry one to give her a better life than she could expect on the street and it seems that the dog understands very well what is happening.

The mestizo sees the young woman who has gone for her little one in the distance and walks up to them to say goodbye to the puppy.

The young woman just hoped she does what is best for the dog.

The young woman, moved, decides to bring the baby closer to the mother so that she can say goodbye properly and the scene is heartbreaking. The bright eyes of the canine reflect the sad feelings of the mother who gives the last goodbye to her baby.

Both the girl on the motorcycle and the person filming allow themselves to be enveloped in the emotion of the scene, and one of them comments that the dog seems to understand what is happening.

Probably so.

The young woman was not wrong, since this puppy was the twelfth that the dog had and it was her turn to give him up for adoption. Somehow he had already experienced that pain.

“I feel like you’ve fired your puppies several times,” says whoever is recording.

“Four times and then seven.” It’s the twelfth puppy, ”the student who is adopting the puppy responds.

One of the young women in the recording also states that it seems to her that the dog should not be separated from her puppy. The truth is, that is a common feeling among all those who watch the video.

This other little one is part of the last litter of the dog.

It is easy for some people to believe that animals do not understand or feel when they are separated from their children, but this dog completely disproves the theory.

When the young woman approaches her furry, the mother immediately begins to smell and kiss him. That is the last physical contact with the being to whom she gave life and she takes full advantage of it.

This is the most emotional farewell of all.

In those kisses, the dog gives a part of her life. But, as if the moment was not emotional enough, at one point the furry one separates from the puppy and decides to leave.

What a bitter drink for this mother to have to leave her baby in the hands of a stranger, but the dog seems to understand that this is the best option.

Next to that girl his furry will have protection and a better life.

The dog starts to walk, surely with a broken heart and thus ends the video that has so touched everyone on social networks.

With the images, the pain that a dog goes through when saying goodbye to their children is evident.


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