Tiny Puppy Hiding Behind A Bush Desperately Looking For Help For His Little Brothers

A rescue group, called the Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, in Serbia, received a call from a passerby who saw a dangerously abandoned puppy near the road. Prepared to save him, the group made their way to the scene.

The rescuers drove several kilometers and crossed a dirt road. Within a few minutes of starting the uncertain journey, they were excited. In the distance, they could see a small cub sitting next to a weathered concrete pillar.

This little dog was suddenly spotted alone and very close to a road.

He looked very tiny! It was clear that he needed help as soon as possible, but when rescuers approached, he got scared and ran into the bushes. Apparently it would not be an easy rescue.

Determined to save him, the volunteers knew it was time to arm themselves with all their patience. They slowly approached the place where the puppy had disappeared and began to call him calmly. That’s when they got the scare of their lives!

Below you can see the video of this cute rescue

It was not one, not two, but FIVE puppies! A litter of cubs, about two months old, had been abandoned without their mother there, in the middle of nowhere! Who could be so cruel? It was evident that these little ones could not fend for themselves.

Their soft barks and moans communicated great joy. All these kids were happy and relieved to see that someone had come to meet them.

They soon discovered that the puppy was not alone.

The rescuers prepared themselves with some food and water. As soon as the dogs felt the smell, they left shyness behind. They were hungry and thirsty.

As they ate, one of the rescuers was still praying that the mother would come out and join them. But no, that moment would never really come. It was evident that the dog was not even remotely close to that place.

After eating something, the volunteers rounded up the puppies and took them to the rescue vehicle.

Before leaving, they again checked their surroundings to exhaust the last hope of finding the dog, but no. There was nothing to do except get the orphans out of that remote place.

The orphans were completely hungry

The puppies were taken to a shelter, where they received all the necessary veterinary attention, as well as a lot of love.

Once it’s ready, they hope to be able to place them in perfect homes for each of them.

Soon these kids were moved to safety

The goodwill of the people makes a difference in the stories of abandoned animals.

Not only the generosity of the person who discovered these dogs at risk became the first step to change their story. So did the solidarity and good work of these volunteers.

They all wait for a forever home

We introduce you to the puppies:






Aren’t they all adorable?

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