Three Sand Kittens Born At Idaho Zoo That Will Steal Your Heart With Their Sweetness

An Idaho zoo has touched with the newborn 3 sand cat triplets. This happened at Zoo Boise. The sand kittens are unnamed. The triplets are male. Moreover, Simba and Nala are their parents. April 4 2021 is their birthday. The zoo staff happily celebrates their birth. The sand kittens are really amazing. Look how cute they are.

(Image Source: Facebook/Zoo Boise)

The zoo keepers have weighed the sand kittens. They all weigh roughly 90 grams. Fully grown sand cats weigh between three to seven and a half pounds.  The official press release states this. Furthermore, they are reported to have no health problems. Therefore, the zoo reports no abnormalities in the sand cats.

They are the first litter of sand kittens born at the Idaho zoo. Moreover, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) has accredited their birth. Therefore, Zoo Boise meets all of AZA’s standards. AZA has accredited 51 sand cats across all American zoos. Zoo Boise is caring for ten percent of their population. Daily Paws states this. Nonetheless, this is a stunning accomplishment!

The Sand Cat Species Survival Plan has ensured their births. The Species Survival Plan is a program for animal conservation. It aims to protect the numbers of endangered species. The Plan carefully breeds them to increase their population. Furthermore, it makes sure the animals have a diverse gene pool. Therefore, this ensures the best health for the animals.

(Image Source: Facebook/Zoo Boise)
Dune cats is another name for sand cats. The arid desert is their habitat. This includes the Sahara, the Arabian Peninsula and parts of central Asia. They are known to be aggressive. They are opportunistic hunters. In other words, they will wait for their prey to become weak. Then, they will swoop in for the hunt. Sand cats can be violent even when they are young.The sand cat babies are not on display. They have been allowed some time off. This is so that they can bond with their parents. Soon, Nala will let her kittens explore as they grow older. We congratulate Zoo Boise on this remarkable accomplishment.
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