This Is What A Mother Dog Does When Her Owner Scolds And Tries To Attack Her Puppies

To understand the relationship that puppies establish with their mother, two determining factors must be highlighted: the puppies are not thermo-autonomous, the mother is their only source of heat.

Warmth for a puppy means survival. For this reason, the cubs are always brought to the mother and placed between her legs and close to the belly, side by side or one on top of the other, crawling in a circle. Although the mother, for whatever reason, does not breastfeed them, it is necessary to always keep them by her side.

As a second factor, the mother is also the only source of food for the cubs. And receiving food is also synonymous with survival.

For this reason, we can understand why the bond they have is so close, which also explains that when a puppy is in danger, the mother reacts quickly to help him.

And in the vast majority of the time, it does not matter that whoever is putting them in danger is the owner of all of them. The mother dogs will be there to defend their puppies. So if they have to confront their owner, they will.

In the video we can see an example of what was stated, when a man, allegedly the owner of all the dogs, simulated a dangerous situation for the puppies.

After counting the puppies one by one, with the presence of the mother at his side, he faked an attack on the little ones using his sandal for this purpose.

Immediately and in less than a second, the dog threw herself on the man to stop his action and manage to remove said sandal. The man, meanwhile, kept pretending he wanted to hurt them.

As demonstrated, mothers are on the lookout for any movement and are ready to take any action or ask for help when it comes to protecting their beloved puppies.

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