This Is How A Heroic Dog Saved His Owner From A Rattlesnake In Arizona

You’ve probably seen our little fluffy dog ​​friends who we consider part of our family have rescued their owner many times in dire situations.

This is another story of a four-legged friend who has been hailed a hero for fighting a rattlesnake in order to save his owner, taking a nasty bite in the process.

Todd, a golden retriever, was accompanying his owner Paula Goodwin on a hike in Anthem, Arizona when they came across a deadly rattlesnake.

Rattlesnakes are known as one of the most dangerous snakes in the world, killing thousands of people across the globe.

When Paula was about to unknowingly step foot on the rattlesnake, Todd saw the snake and immediately hopped in front of her leg.

He was able to save Paula, but unfortunately, his heroism cost him a nasty bite on his face, causing his face to swell severely.

Paula posted Todd’s photos on her Facebook wall with a caption stating that he is her hero and a lifesaver.

Paula immediately rushed Todd to the Anthem Animal Hospital where he underwent treatment. He is expecting a full recovery. His photos where is seen showing a big smile despite the injury has gone viral on social media where his newfound fans are praising him for what he did to save her owner’s life.

Well, it is true that dogs don’t expect anything in return for their services to humans. They just want to be loved.

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