This Guy Turns Useless Tires Into Various Useful Things, Such As Animal Beds

A Brazilian artist has been collecting old tires to turn them into cozy beds for stray animals and has upcycled more than 1500 tires.

A side job that started as a small effort has turned into a full-time job to help the environment Hailing from Paraiba, Brazil, Amarildo Silva searched for ways to add some money to his cashier income.  After seeing plenty of useless waste on the street, he came up with the idea of turning old tires into something useful.
Whenever he has free time, Amarildo collects waste tires and gives them a new use by transforming them into comfortable animal beds. He has already sold more than 500 pieces so far. He usually delivers inside Brazil but his efforts have become so popular that he already has orders from Europe, North America, and Asia.
Aside from the animal beds, he also added flowerpots and recycling containers to his creation collection. His works have become so popular that he is now being asked to speak to young people in different public schools.

Amarildo Silva lives in Paraiba, Brazil. He has found a way to help the environment while creating something animals will love.

He collects as many old, discarded tires as he can.

He then repurposes the tires into something so useful, you’ll wonder why no one has thought of it before.

He makes animal beds with different designs so that each one is unique.

He also adds a circular mattress for additional comfort.

The results? These colorful and attractive sleeping animal beds.

Here’s a bunch of them.

Meet some of the furbabies who have enjoyed his creations. Here’s Bella.

This one’s Baruck.

This one’s Bidu and his friend.

These are the twins, Aylla and Lua.

This adorable one is Luna.

This playful one right here is Mimoza.

Aren’t they just adorable?

But there’s more.

Here’s his version of a Christmas tree.

He also makes flowerpots.

You can also go for the garbage cans.

Even a sofa!

His works has become so popular that he is now being asked to speak to young people in different public schools.

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