This Colorful Rosy Maple Moth Is an Attention-Gatherer Garden Visitor

Moths are usually hostile and people try all ways to keep them away. However, people who have not seen the rosy maple moth, going with the scientific name as Dryocampa Rubicunda, will surely be surprised by looking at these photos of the lovely moth.
Colorful in nature, this insect is native to the eastern regions of North America and now, it will definitely steal your heart after you see its photos.

Dryocampa rubicunda, the rosy maple moth, is a small North American moth in the family Saturniidae, also known as the great silk moths. … The emerging caterpillars, also known as the greenstriped mapleworm, mainly feed on the leaves of their host maple trees, particularly red maple, silver maple, and sugar maple.

The rosy maple moth exists in different colors. However, one particular sub-species has a striking resemblance to Battenberg cakes.

Don’t you think they look similar?

The color of this insect is brilliant.

The name of this insect is from the diet from the early days of their life, as they only feed on maple leaves.

However, on hitting adulthood, they stop eating altogether.

They are highly solitary, as they end up flying solo most of their lives.

They are generally active only for a few hours in the evening.

They are incredibly cute.

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