This Cat Loves To Snuggle With His Best Rock Friend

Baby is a very peculiar 10-year-old beautiful cat who was born without a tail, he really enjoys taking comfortable naps, which is undoubtedly one of his favorite activities in the world and he is always looking for new places to do it. This time he seems to have found the best place to snuggle up on a cat-shaped rock in his yard.

Baby is happy playing in the backyard of his house, and there he also looks for places for his naps. A few months ago his family bought a decorative rock figure in the shape of a cat and decided to place it in the garden; now come the kitten and his rock friend enjoy a nap.


gata adora acurrucarse
Imagen/Ange Simmons

The family did not know how Baby would react to the decorative stone cat, but to their surprise they were delighted with the figure. Since meeting him, the cat and her rock friend have been spending time together taking nice naps.

gata se acurruca
Facebook/Blessed Cats

Now every time he goes out on the patio, Baby can’t wait and snuggles up to rest next to his new friend. His family considers him adorable, he certainly looks very cute.

Ange Simmons, his adoptive mother, told The Dodo:

“He sleeps with him every day.”

gata disfruta acurrucarse
Imagen/Ange Simmons

Who would say that a rock in the shape of a cat could become the best company for a pet, but for Baby there is no doubt that it is the best thing he found in the backyard of his house and now he enjoys his naps much more with the company of his rock friend.

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