They Say Goodbye To The Dog They Adopted 4 Months Ago To Give Him The Happiness He Deserved

Last year, the Italian singer Tiziano Ferro, 40, and her husband, Victor Allen, enlarged their family with the adoption of two puppies of the Doberman breed with whom they also increased their happiness.

However, later the balladeer announced with great regret that one of them was in very poor health and had to be rushed to a health center.

“We urgently admitted him last night, we were told that only an operation would determine the nature of the sudden internal bleeding. But they also told us it was going to be long, difficult, and with little hope for the age and size of the dog. It was probably a tumor, ”he wrote.

Ferro did not lose hope that his beloved Beau would recover, but unfortunately his condition worsened as the hours passed and there was very little that the specialists could do to save the life of the puppy.

“Beau was born with two spleens and one was accidentally destroyed. It should be just that, God willing. We were here at the front, without sleeping, waiting and waiting, as he and all the other dogs would have done, for us, “he added.

Beau passed away. He left knowing that he was very loved, an image says more than a thousand words.

But, it was a few days ago when the artist reported that he was able to spend a few minutes with his faithful friend to say goodbye and thanked the veterinarians who allowed him at least 5 minutes to say goodbye to his pet.

The next morning, Titian and his partner shared the unfortunate news of the passing of Beau, who fought desperately for his life, but failed. His heart stopped overnight.

“Our gratitude to you has no limit, it really has no limit. The only four months of his life outside a kennel, the last of his life, but how much love, how much love … Adopt an adult dog, think about it if you can, “he added in the publication.

Saying goodbye to a life partner is painful. Farewell and loss can become unbearable because, when this happens, hopelessness and anguish and a tremendous loneliness invade us.

But they, our dogs, give us a life full of hope, joy and teachings. That is why it is said that our friends never die, but simply sleep next to our hearts.

In addition, they do know how to give us life lessons. Even if their bones hurt, even if they get tired, even if they get old, they never give up their joy, enjoying the good and showing us all their unconditional love and affection.


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Share this story with your family and friends and if you have suffered the loss of a pet, don’t let them fool you. They are not “dead”, he who does not forget does not die. They sleep in your heart and will wake up when you least expect it. So are dogs.

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