They Record A Puppy In A Particular Encounter With The Friendliest Butterfly And It Goes Viral

Seeing photos of a puppy is usually enough to leave us in a good mood throughout the day. However, there is a dog in Brazil who managed to take her cuteness to unsuspected levels while playing with nothing less than a butterfly.

Lúcia Kohl Dalmolin is the proud owner of a little dog just weeks old. The best thing about furry ones when they are at this age is that they have inexhaustible energy and they manage to turn everything into a play session.

“Emy never stops but she is the cutest. She loves being with humans all the time, ”said her owner.

One day, Lúcia’s dog went out to the garden to browse what was around her but there was something very peculiar that caught her attention: a beautiful orange butterfly.

“I have never seen a butterfly do something like this. Impossible not to smile after this, “said a user on the networks.

Some mischievous dog owners might get scared in such a situation into thinking that their pets want to eat the butterfly. However, this sweet puppy seemed in awe of her new friend.

“Just look at this: He’s playing with a butterfly,” the dog’s owner is heard saying.

In this cute video you can see the dog with her legs up while she sweetly played with the butterfly. She flew very delicately and touched its snout, ears and paws. The result is simply adorable.

“It looks like the butterfly is having a lot of fun. It’s beautiful to see something like this, ”commented a netizen.

Lúcia and her partner decided to record a video and make it known on their social networks. It really was a special moment and it shows the enormous hearts of the animals.

“It’s his paws,” said Lúcia’s partner, surprised.

In the video it is not known with certainty what type of butterfly it is, but several studies have indicated that some butterflies originating in Brazil have a habit of approaching other animals to drink their tears.

National Geographic indicated that this curious phenomenon is called cryphagia and butterflies do it to absorb sodium and other minerals from tears.

However, it is more common to do so with animals that remain without moving for a long time, such as turtles and crocodiles.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you for reminding us of what is most important: unconditional love and happiness ”, commented a user on the networks.

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