They Find A Hybrid Between A Cow And A Goat That Hides In Fear Of Humans

Nature always surprises us with its mysteries, some of them are revealed, but others are not. Such as the case of this hybrid that is compared to a famous character in Greek mythology.

This species has been seen in the Himalayas, it is a fairly large creature that has left many with their mouths open due to its physical characteristics very similar to a cow and a goat.

This animal climbs the mountains enjoying the road with great security and tranquility. It has a lot of strength and can weigh 750 kilograms, it is a specimen that seems to be taken from a story.

And it is that this mammal is a distant mix between cows and goats, it has short legs and hooves on the fingers.

They called this animal Takin and it weighs about 350 kilograms, it usually inhabits mountainous areas, sharing territory even with some panda bears.

This specimen is from the Bovidae family, so it has a great resemblance to cows and goats, its genetics are very close to that of wild sheep.

Apart from the horns and legs, these animals have a thick layer of wool that protects them from the low temperatures to which they are exposed. Their coat color can range from a reddish-brown to a creamy golden color that many love.

Thanks to this last color, some say that this strange animal inspired the story of the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology, which is a golden ram with wings known as Chrysomallos.

Chrysomallos was the son of Poseidon and a nymph. According to the story, this specimen was annihilated and its skin was stolen and Jason, the hero, had to recover it to claim his throne. Many believe that this myth corresponds to a species that reached the Black Sea coast from the Himalayas.

The truth is that it is a very particular animal that has earned a place in history, but which, unfortunately, is currently vulnerable because it requires special care and attention.

The good thing is that in the Himalayas you don’t have many visits and this in some way protects the conservation of this species.

Takin’s body has a great ability to stay in cold spaces. Your skin secretes a waterproof oil that keeps you warm, and your nose is so large that breathing in the air warms it before entering your lungs.

Many hope to one day meet this truly amazing herbivore, a species that deserves to be protected.

The discovery of this specimen has astonished thousands of people, do not leave without sharing it.

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