They capture an adorable white killer whale swimming peacefully with its mother

Nature never tires of surprising humans with unique and distinguished species from what is usually considered normal. Jim and Laura Millen, a couple from Florida, United States, witnessed a particular moment in their lives while sailing through the sea. They watched the whales swimming in the oceans of San Diego, a natural spectacle to contemplate a beautiful species, but there was one that especially caught their attention.

They warned a little girl compared to the rest, and the color of her body stood out because it was white, unlike the traditional black. To immortalize this special occasion, they took a photo of him. In the image, you can see the killer whale swimming next to who seems to be her mother; Jim and Laura deduced that it would be a newborn. She also accompanied seven more whales. As these lucky ones told Newsweek, they were 22 kilometers from the thing, usually, these routes are made at 14 distance, but the captain wanted to go a little further.

Thanks to this decision, they could contemplate the beauty of these adorable animals up close, an activity that cannot be done every day. “The experience was like no other. Once we saw the herd, we were all speechless. The experience was once in a lifetime. It was wonderful, ”Lauren said. Not only could she not contain her excitement when she saw them, but some even shed some tears at the beautiful sight.

«I saw the co-captain cry, I was next to her, and she was surprised. She knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So I started to feel astonished and speechless, ”Lauren commented. It turns out that the white orca was already named as Frosty, the San Diego Whale Watch said on its blog and confirmed that it was indeed a newborn. From what sources report, she is not an albino, but suffers from leucism. Unlike the first, this is characterized by the loss of color in one or more body parts, while albinism is due to the absence of melanin. Viewers were very lucky to appreciate this moment.

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