They B’eg The Justice To Return Their Parrot That Has Been Their Pet For 24 Years

No pet should be taken out of the blue from the family that has cared for it throughout its life. However, you must always have all the necessary permits to ensure their well-being, to avoid sad separations like the one experienced by a Brazilian family whose bird was taken from them.

Lourinha is an aesthetic Amazon parrot who has spent her entire life, since 1996, with her human parents, the couple made up of José Juliano and Erly Gonzaga dos Santos Juliano. But unfortunately, the bird was apprehended by the Military Environmental Police in early August this year.

Erly had to face a legal battle to recover his beloved bird, because the Military Environmental Police found that the animal was not registered and was in an irregular situation in captivity. For this reason, the woman was fined and the parrot a’rrested.

Given the situation, Erly’s sadness was so great that she and her family decided they had to do something to try to reverse what happened. They sought a lawyer, went to court, and the judiciary granted an initial order determining that Lourinha should return home.

The family paid a penalty of almost $ 100

At Erly’s house, before Lourinha’s return, the expectation was great since more than a pet, it is a member of the family that everyone cares for and loves.

“Here they treat her like a member of the family, like a daughter. It lives loose, but it does not fly. We always give it fruits, seeds, natural things. I was left without my Lourinha, ”said Erly.

That is how, after difficult days, Erly and her husband moved to the Marília region to meet with Lourinha and take her home with them. The sadness that existed when they took Lourinha no longer persists in the family home, with the parrot back, now everything is joy.

“When we got there, there were several parrots. We started calling it what we do at home. The moment he heard it, he recognized our voice and responded. It was really exciting. We got home and I fed him. She lost weight, but she will be very well cared for, as always, ”says the human of this bird.

However, even with the parrot at home, nothing is certain. The process is still ongoing in the Judiciary and only with a final decision from the judge will the family be sure that they will not lose her again. We trust that everything will work out in favor of this beautiful living being.

To avoid situations like this, it is best to always comply with all animal welfare regulations and never acquire species from people who may have taken them from your home.

Above all, the most important thing is the health and well-being of all living beings, especially when they cannot communicate or defend themselves.

Don’t leave without sharing this unusual story with all your friends and take care of all the animals.

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