They Become The Target Of Criticism For “Wasting” Unnecessary Money For Celebrating Their Puppy’s Birthday

A family has been harshly singled out on the networks for “wasting” money on their beloved puppy’s birthday celebration. The comments and criticisms after the images spread seem to never end.

For true animal lovers, having a furry dog at home is much more than just having a pet.

There are those who treat it like one more member of the family and within their possibilities, try to please those who do something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

However, apparently even if we have the best intentions, there will always be those who disagree with our actions, and question the loving treatment we give our puppies.

There are always reasons to celebrate and more if it is the life of a puppy.


Recently, a family decided to celebrate the first birthday of their beloved furball named Justin. Since he came to the family he has only loved them and received twice as much love as he can offer them.

Proof of this was the celebration they gave him on his birthday. With colorful balloons, posters, a beautiful cake and various snacks, Justin celebrated his first birthday with the people he loves the most.

Justin had his own portrait and birthday hat.

The owner of the puppy, Joselyn Avila, shared through the group Huellitas de Amor, some photographs and a video, where, although at first glance it seemed like a child’s party, it was created exclusively for Justin.

Joselyn wrote about it:

“Group, here I share a small gathering that we had as a family for it being my Justin’s birthday. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to congratulate him.”

He did not imagine that the loving celebration of his puppy’s birthday was so criticized


However, despite the best intentions they had to make the day special for Justin, many netizens questioned why they spent so much money when there are people with nothing to eat.

“Gentlemen, there are many hungry children and many elderly people with nothing to help them,” reads one comment.

“It is not bad to love animals, but they go too far. How crazy!”, “It is very good that you take care of your pet and give him love. But do you know how many children are hungry and in need? My God people, what world are we living in?” said other netizens.

After the strong comments, animal lovers did not take long to respond and react in defense of the family who only wanted to make the spoiled puppy happy:

“It is what they feel for their pet and no one can judge if they are good people with others. It is not their fault that others live badly, that is the social problem that no one can see anyone happy.

“It will never be ridiculous to show love for a little animal, on the contrary, that shows that they are good human beings. If an animal moves you, imagine a human being. Good very good. Congratulations,” another person commented.

“What a beautiful detail and how nice that they love the furry one so much, they are part of the family. Happy Birthday Justin.”

Despite all the controversy that has been created, we cannot deny that the happiest of the party, of course, was the celebrated puppy, who enjoyed all the attention and even danced with one of the children of the family.

Trying to please the world will never be easy, therefore, our actions must always be directed towards helping and giving love to all living beings, and this is what this beautiful family did.

Unfortunately, in social networks, many people take the audacity to question the behavior of others, criticizing them and even saying offensive things that they would never dare to say face to face.

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