They All Pass By A Dying Cow Trapped In A Barbed Fence But It Was Not Its End

Animals are often caught in the middle of truly dangerous situations. Without the help of humans, their life can be at great risk, but there are not always people willing to take a few minutes out of their day to help them. This was the dire situation facing a cow whose legs got dangerously stuck in a barbed fence.

How the cow came to be trapped is still unknown.

The frightened cow struggled for hours to get out of there, but her situation was only getting worse. She went through all kinds of movements until she was finally exhausted. Her head was so twisted under her body that she couldn’t do more than wait for someone to help her. Many people who passed by the road decided to continue on until finally a couple of men arrived willing to help her.

The two rescuers were traveling a nearby highway on their motorcycles.

As they get closer, they discover that the mess is more complex than it seems. One of them tries to use his hands to move the tines to make room for the cow’s legs, but all his efforts are in vain. He uses his shoes to keep trying and finally takes one of the logs that is part of the same fence to be able to move the wires that hurt the innocent cow so much.

While one of the men helps the cow, the other records the video.

After giving the trunk a couple of turns, it is only a matter of gently pushing each of the legs and the vaquita is finally free. However, this is not enough. Her position is such that she cannot stand up again and can barely move her head. The friendly rescuer was not willing to give up so he goes under the fence to find out what is going on and continue helping the cow.

The cow suffered no more than a few superficial scratches.

He takes it very gently by its front legs and pushes it until its head manages to get out of that uncomfortable position it was in. Thanks to this small impulse, the nervous cow manages to take control of her body and moves her legs until she stands up. The vaquita is extremely happy to be free, so she begins to celebrate in style by running through the field at full speed.

The cow takes a few seconds to look at her rescuers in what seems like a tender gesture of thanks.

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