There Are Friendly Wolves Everywhere On This Island, And People Can Visit

Don’t you want to know how wolves talk? Walk in the forest? Still, know-how soft their fur is? And learn how to like them? Well, we only see this place.

The predators in the heart sanctuary give you an incredible 2-hour experience in the encounter with the wolf.The shelter has located in Anacortes, Washington, not far from Seattle, close to the Canadian border and adjacent to Vancouver. Therefore, Americans and Canadians have an excellent opportunity to live with these wolves.

At Predator Park in the Washington State Heart Reserve, you can spend quality time with wolves in the forest

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The wolf is very friendly. They only wear collars when posing for a photo

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You can pet them and scratch their bellies

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This conservation and rescue sanctuary only has animals that “find themselves without a place to live”

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This sanctuary is located between Seattle and Vancouver

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To enter the sanctuary, you must book a wolf guide through Airbnb, which costs about $200 per person. Here you can see dates and prices.Usually, once a week, six days a day, there are two tours per day, and there is a waiting list. Therefore, if you want to spend a perfect day with wolves, you must plan carefully.

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Wolves live in this sanctuary and foxes, cougars, reptiles, and birds of prey.

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