The Surprising Heroic Story Of The Big Hearted Hero Dog

A sheepdog did not respond to its owner’s call. The concerned man did not imagine that he would find it by anything less than saving a poor baby lamb.

Matías Márquez is a man who leads a peaceful life in Irazusta, Argentina. Years ago, he made the decision to leave his city life to dedicate himself to taking care of his sheep.

“It was not easy to have a venture without capital. I set up the corrals, I made the fences, I am a midwife and I take care of the lambs, ”said Matías.

His dog did not respond to his call but it was because he was being a hero


His dream was to live on what his land gave him but during the first months he faced all kinds of difficulties.

His sheep were ambushed several times by wild animals and Matías understood that he had to take serious measures to protect them. Some friends told him about Maremma dogs.

“The dog is man’s best friend. But it is also true of the sheep ”, celebrated Matías.

Hanna and Raptor became the best sheepdogs in the world

These furry are a variety of mastiff that originated in Italy and for centuries have been the companions of shepherds to defend sheep.

This is how Hanna and Raptor came to Matías’s life since they were just puppies. I wanted to get them used to living with the sheep from a very young age so that they would all become a beautiful family.

“Today, both Hanna and Raptor mark their territory and each takes care of their zone. They are intimidating to anyone looking to hurt their sheep, ”explained Matías.

I couldn’t imagine this sweet baby would transform into a big sheepdog

Recently, Raptor showed that he really was willing to do what it takes to take care of the sheep.

It was a normal day at the farm, Matías joined the sheep from the corral to take a walk around the land. When they return, they are usually accompanied by Hanna and Raptor but this time it was not like that.

“It seemed strange to me that he did not come to me. He always pays attention, ”said Matías.

Raptor would never lose sight of his entrusted herd

Raptor was nowhere to be found. Matías thought that he would return in a matter of a couple of hours but when it got dark he began to seriously worry about the absence of his puppy and went out to look for him.

Finally he found it in a strange position and the furry one refused to respond to the call of its owner.

“I walked slowly and saw a newborn lamb next to him, made into a ball,” said Matías.

Matías did not understand what was happening until he finally approached his loyal sheepdog. Raptor was curled up next to a little lamb.

He was very small and the poor man seemed terrified without his mother. Without the protection that the beautiful Raptor gave him for hours, it was very likely that the little lamb would not survive. He was a Maremma puppy who was truly devoted to the care of his sheep.

“The mother of the lamb returned to the pen alone and Raptor decided to stay there, taking care of it. Luckily he stayed, otherwise he would have died because there was a big frost ”, said Matías.

In the absence of the mother, Raptor knew he must intervene to save the little lamb.

Somehow, Raptor realized that he couldn’t leave the smallest lamb on the farm there. When Matías returned to the cabin, a mother sheep began to bleat with joy when she was reunited with her little lamb. The loving Raptor saved his life. And that sweet encounter would never have been possible had it not been for the care and concern of this beautiful little dog.

The huge heart of animals is something that will never cease to amaze us.

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