The Street Cat Introduces The Woman Who Feeds Her To Her Kittens

Shea Prior first noticed a stray cat wandering around her yard a couple of months ago, and was thrilled when the sweet cat finally got close enough To Prior to feed her. She had been feeding her for a few days when he noticed that the cat was producing milk, which meant she had kittens hiding somewhere nearby.

“I was petting her and I went to pick her up and that’s when I realized she had milk and had been breastfeeding some babies,” Prior said.

Prior was excited and worried, she wanted to help the mother cat and her kittens if she could. She looked around but didn’t see any kittens and inadvertently asked the mother cat where they were.

“I started telling her to show me her babies, and I bet her babies were very pretty,” Prior wrote in a Facebook post.

The next day, Prior went to her yard to water the plants and saw the mother cat running towards her, and this time she was not alone.

“She came running up to me and rubbed my leg while making her little sound,” Prior said. “He took me to my shed and I saw a couple of little fluff balls staring at me. She flopped onto her side and started calling for them to come out and see me.

The mother cat had trusted Prior so much and knew he would help keep her family safe, and she was so proud to show her five little kittens.

As soon as she met the entire family, Prior knew she had to help them and was able to get them all safely inside his home. In a matter of days, she had found homes for the five kittens once they were old enough to be adopted, and she decided to adopt the mother cat.

Prior is so grateful that the mother cat was brave enough to bring her family to her, and now everyone will have the best forever homes very soon.

Images credit: Shea Prior

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