The Stray Dog Entered Into Open Door And Found A Home

A traveler dog found herself a home in perfect time for the holidays.

A stray dog traveling around Philadelphia this weekend took matters into her own paws and found herself a new home.

Jack Jokinen, from the Bronx but currently living two hours south, said that the front door of his house blew open during a strong storm.

That is when the dog entered inside, looking for a shelter to hide from the rain.

Jokinen and his wife were surprised to find the four-legged visitor when they awoke, and even more shocked to find the 9-year-old dog, hungry and in immediate need of medical attention.

Since then, they have decided to keep the dog and gave her the name Suzy.

Jokinen documented much of the process on Twitter, catching the attention of thousands of users eager to follow Suzy’s journey.

One day after a trip to the vet and some significant love and attention, Jokinen says that Suzy is already looking better.

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