The Puppy That Ended Up Hunched Over After Being Locked In A Box Begs To Be Adopted

A poor little dog has had to pay in his own little body for the wickedness and shame of those who locked him in a box, and that’s why he ended up hunched over. Not enough with that, he has spent 7 years begging for a home, and he still can’t get it.

Any rescuer hopes that all the creatures they save from a tortuous life will get a new chance after rescue. However, the matter is not so simple and, after years of decadence and suffering in the streets or next to an abusive owner, many animals must wait a long time before knowing true happiness.

How many of them do not take years for a family?

Shelters are a better place than the streets, at least they have food and a safe roof there but they are not ideal for any puppy. For this reason in the kennel of Last Chance Animal Rescue (England), they are puzzled with a case that goes for almost a decade.
It is about the unconditional little dog Monty, who begs to be adopted after 7 years waiting for a home.
The black puppy arrived at the shelter in very bad condition. His bent and injured spine testified to the mistreatment he had suffered in the past.

The shelter vets believe they kept him locked in a small box for a long period of time, which ended up damaging his spine.

Poor boy, he has suffered too much.

In addition to that, hhe was also underweight and had a serious confidence problem. Being an abused puppy, Monty used to get very nervous in contact with strangers.

Meeting new people was not pleasant for him at all, and if someone did raise their voices to him, the poor little dog would pee in terror.

Monty is an 8 year old Lurcher.

The shelter volunteers know very well what Monty’s fears are, as well as his virtues because he has been with them since 2014. What they cannot explain is how no one has adopted him.

“Monty has been with us for almost seven years and they rarely ask about him. He has serious trouble trusting, so he would need someone to show him that not all humans are bad, ”said a spokesperson for Last Chance Animal Rescue.

Monty is a very sweet little dog with people he trusts, so his caregivers sense that he will be a faithful pet. However, the dog has problems interacting with other animals.

The presence of unfamiliar dogs disturbs him so much that Monty will indisputably start barking at them just by looking at them. In that sense, in the refuge they prefer that those who decide to meet this little one are families who do not have more pets in their home.

Monty is insecure and jealous.

Although it may sound a somewhat problematic case, the truth is that Monty is nothing more than a spoiled child who deserves to find a family that loves him.

“Since he was with us, Monty has become very affectionate with the staff and loves to have attention and cuddles on the couch, but of course this has taken time and patience to achieve and we want to be frank about his complexes. Monty really just wants a loving owner, ”attests the Last Chance Animal Rescue spokesperson.

Anyone who is interested in that responsible owner for the beautiful Monty, should only contact the shelter to begin the evaluation and subsequent adoption process (if they meet the requirements).

If you or someone you know wants to give this puppy the love it deserves, call: 01732 865530 or 01797 366620, in England, and ask about this little friend. He deserves once and for all to be happy and to achieve peace and tranquility in a home full of love!

Let’s be the angels that Monty needs, and let’s make it possible for him to leave that refuge soon and find a true home.

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