The Man Made His Wife To Prefer Either Dogs Or Himself – She Picked The Dogs

For Liz Haslam, happiness is the time when she can spend protecting and caring for dogs that need her help. In return, she receives gratefulness and love from the dogs.

Liz has often mentioned that she never changes her relationships with the dogs for anything in the world. And she means this literally.

Liz told Express that she fell in love with Mike as she met, her now ex-husband, when she was only 16 years old. right after high school, the two were married.

The newly settled into a two-bedroom home along the English countryside in Barnham, Suffolk. The couple became parents of a child who they named Ollie and were married for 25 years.

Unluckily, the love Liz and Mike shared proved unable to resist all obstacles. The day came when Mike confronted his wife over the unusual circumstances in which they lived. He must have been totally shocked by what happened next.

Liz explains Mike gave her the ‘it’s the dogs or me’ ultimatum. She also says that was the last day she has seen or heard from her ex-husband.

The cause of the problem? Liz decided the couple’s move to the country house gave her the opportunity to start a business that would more than likely bring her more love than money.

Liz started a foundation to help bull terriers in need. She named the foundation Beds for Bullies. Her husband felt the dogs were affecting their relationship badly. He also felt that the presence of behavioral issues and medical conditions in most of the dogs meant they would never find new homes.

Liz says Mike knew how she felt about the dogs. And after 25 years should have known there was no way she would ever abandon her dogs.

Liz says she does not blame Mike for not loving dogs the way she loves them. She said they both understood after the ultimatum that they were traveling in different directions. The decision to end the marriage was a healthy one for both parties.

Liz presently cares for 30 dogs and many of them need medical attention. She says she could not be happier with her life.

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