The ‘Lucky’ Girl Maine Coon Color Blue Smoke So Magical (VIDEO)

Maine Coon Cats are adorable and they are very friendly unlike their appearance. I had one for 15yrs, he died sure miss him, weigh 17 lbs. I’m hoping to get another one. They make amazing friends and they do quite well in cold weather, especially snowy weather, never stopped Alex from wanting to go out for a while… when there was snow on the ground. Also they will follow you around.

Mines favorite things is the springs, every day she brings me them to throw for her again and again. She also likes these fish attached to plastic ‘fishing’ rod by elastic string. Unfortunately, they are badly made and segmented, so the rod part breaks right away. I just get new ones, but have saved the old fish and tied them together in a clump which she loves to bring me too.

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