The Love Of A Big Cat And Most Important Person Of Her Life

A lioness named Sirga doesn’t know what social distance is. And every chance she gets, she hugs Valentin Gruner.

And this is no coincidence: he is the most important person in her life!

don’t try this at home

Hugs are the most sincere!

And it all started 10 years ago, when little Sirga was orphaned

The people are to blame: the lion cub’s parents upset the farmers of Botswana a lot, so they were caught. Resettlement and adaptation attempts of wild predators were unsuccessful, they were eliminated. But in the process, Sirga was born, and then Gruner set up an experiment: he raised a “socially intelligent” beast.

Let’s say right away: the idea was a success


Sirga is not a domestic cat, she lives in freedom, she hunts

But the lioness with whom I learned as a child that it is not necessary to touch people and livestock, and then there will be no problems

Sirga was assigned hunting grounds with an area of 2000 ha, where she is the queen

There are no other lions there, so as not to be badly influenced. Sirga is the largest and therefore responsible predator on its land.

Sirga does not allow other people to approach her, but willingly wears a camera collar

The success of the “re-education” of the lioness gives Gruner’s colleagues hope to save other lions as well. If we can make contact with wildlife and begin to coexist, the threat of their destruction will go away.

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