The Little – Puppy Stranded On Her Own Meets Her Hero In The Middle Of Nowhere

Damian Macci is a cyclist who has never been afraid to assist an animal that is in need. Some time ago he made the decision to embark on a quick trip to train and then headed for the remote and lonely region of Argentina.

Everything seemed to go normally but Damian spotted a small animal moving in the middle of the mountain. At first, he didn’t give it much thought, however, something inside him told him to stop in case it was a fuzzy guy in distress.

“I saw something running in the middle of the brush,” Damian said.

Indeed, he returned in search of that strange animal and after a few minutes, he found that it was a small puppy. She was only a couple of weeks old and looked somewhat disoriented.

“It breaks my heart to imagine her alone there. He arrived just in time to save her ”, thanked a user on the networks.

This road was so far from any residential area that there was only one explanation: a heartless person had driven there to drop off the dog and get rid of her.

It is a terrible practice that many people do instead of taking animals to a shelter or foundation. Worst of all, in the middle of nowhere, the furry ones are exposed to the worst of luck and are likely to lose their lives in a matter of weeks.

“People who leave dogs in such a place do not have hearts,” lamented a netizen.

Damian took the puppy in his hands and found that she was sweet and loving. Making the way back to her would not be easy, considering that his only means of transportation at that moment was his bicycle.

However, he was not willing to leave her there. The cyclist took it very carefully and drove with one hand to be able to carry the furry. Best of all, the puppy was just thanking him with kisses. It was as if he understood that he was safe now.

Once in town, Damian posted the rescue story, took her to the vet, and set out to find a loving and responsible family for her. Many were moved by the beautiful story and the beautiful furry soon found a home. Now her name is Juanita and she is the queen of her house.

“She is happy with her new family. I want people to realize that they shouldn’t give up, ”Damian said.

It’s a real relief to know that this innocent little furry ran into Damian. Many would have continued on her way without stopping to help her. Such a small furry would not have survived long in the bush.

Join our voice and share this to raise awareness. No animal deserves to be left in the middle of nowhere.

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