The Incredible Reunion Of The Dog With Its Owner After 6 Days Of Separation That Felt Like Years

A walk that turned into a very sad day for Simon Kitchen, a 51-year-old man who lives in the United Kingdom with his faithful dog companion, Bobby, an American bully. When walking through Cumbria, the little dog suddenly started running, but disappeared after its owner slipped.

The River Rawthey was nearby, he realized that when he looked everywhere for it. So he was afraid that he had been dragged by the river, since the current was very fast and also has rocks. The concern was as great as the anguish. But he acted as quickly as possible and immediately reported that his dog had been lost so they can begin a search. He did not give up and also searched on his own, to be twice as helpful and needed to see Bobby again. It was like this for six days.

When he had already assumed that his faithful friend had died, he received a call from Farmgate Veterinary Surgery, a Cumbrian veterinary center, which is located in the same area where Bobby was lost. They had important news to give him. And the happiness could not be more when Simon learned that his puppy had been found. It had been found by a farmer named Nick Fecitt 1.5 miles downstream in Dowbiggin. The animal was sitting on a rock in the tributary and went to help him. The veterinary center summoned Simon to reunite with Bobby. The moment was so exciting for both of them that the little dog ran to hug his beloved owner, who was left on the floor from receiving so much love.

And to improve that moment, by pure coincidence, the day he chose to return and meet again was precisely the day of Simon’s birthday. And he received the best gift in the world in his arms. ”When I got the call from the vet, I was over the moon. I thought it was going to be the worst birthday of all, but it was the best of all, ”said the man.

“I am very happy to say that Bobby and his owner, Simon, have finally reunited. Today is Simon’s birthday and I don’t think he could have had a better gift. Simon couldn’t even speak, he was so drowned. He was convinced his dog was dead, ”said a Farmgate Veterinary Surgery worker. Surely from now on they will be much more careful from now on, so that it does not happen again.

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