The Image Of A Homeless Boy Who Survives On The Street With His Dog Shakes The World

Childhood is the most important stage in the life of any person, so the care and teachings that a child receives during this period are decisive.

But not all children have the privilege of receiving the protection of their family, although there will always be an unconditional being that accompanies them until the end of the world and, as paradoxical as it sounds, we are not talking about a mother.

On social media, the photograph of this little boy who was captured in India has broken everyone’s hearts, as few imagined the story behind the image.

His name is Ankit and he lives in the Indian state of Muzaffarnagar, sadly he is not a very privileged child. A photographer captured him one of the many nights he had spent on the streets, after being kicked out of the house by his own mother.

Hungry and with nowhere to go, Ankit had no one but her dog to carry on with life.

Ankit’s dad is behind bars, so I couldn’t give him any help. The boy was helpless, although he did not feel so alone because his pet has been there to accompany him.

The boy dodged life between handouts and the odd job.

Few are the data that the boy remembers about his family, for him, his world has been reduced to work and trying to survive with his dog Danny the dangers of the street.

Ankit sells balloons and sometimes works at a tea stand to earn a living. He also survives on the gestures of charity he receives from some good Samaritans.

The child has already forgotten what his age is, but he senses that he is between 9 and 10 years old.

The minor’s story changed as a result of the photograph that went viral at the beginning of December, since then the authorities have dedicated themselves to finding his whereabouts and fortunately! They managed to find it.

“He is now under the care of the Muzaffarnagar police. We are trying to locate your loved ones and your photos have been sent to various police stations in neighboring districts. We have also alerted the district’s department for the welfare of women and children ”, explained the police

The local journalist who photographed the child was harshly criticized on social networks because his intentions to help were only in the dissemination of the image, but he was not able to take Ankit to a center for the protection of minors.

These were some of the comments on Twitter.

The controversy unleashed is justified, but at the end of the day, we have to thank that image that aroused concern in many and changed the future of Ankit.

The minor left the streets and will live under the care of a friendly woman known to locals as Sheela Devi who had helped him on other occasions and with whom he maintains a friendship. This will be a safe place for him and his dog Danny.

Ankit will start studying at a private school that offered to enroll him at no cost.

The image of the minor in the networks shocked many and the matter became more sensitive when his name and the fact that his own family had abandoned him became known. Despite how hard these years have been, Ankit has always been accompanied by Danny, the most faithful little angel anyone can have.

There are cases like this, which expose the infinite loyalty of the puppies, share this story and send all your love to the pair of unconditional friends Ankit and Danny deserve the best!

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