The Hero Judge Who Protects Those Who Cannot Protect Themsevles And Brings Justice Upon Evil

As its name indicates, a judge must be the guarantor and bastion of justice in any of its areas. This range of possibilities also includes unprotected and violated animals by the hand of man.

Michael Cicconetti is a judge who has raised his hand in favor of animals with unusual sentences.


American judge Michael Cicconetti, originally from Painsville, Ohio, is a true lover of animals. It has become a sensation, thanks to its creative sentences against those who go out of line with the most innocent beings and without a voice to defend themselves.

Now they have someone to defend them

Cicconetti discovered that tasting a spoonful of one’s own medicine is the best punishment for this type of person. His love for pets has come to him since he was just a child and he was accompanied by his dachshund named Herman.


For years they were the best friends in the world, and Herman was his teacher who taught him what it means to unconditionally love another being. Today, he enjoys the company of Kasey, his Bernese mountain dog.


Since he began his career in law, Michael began to notice a fact that worried him. I saw how the cases of rejection and neglect towards animals were increasing. But, in addition, that many of these offenders were repeat offenders.

He immediately set out to do something about it and began to establish a prison sentence accompanied by a fine, in principle. However, that didn’t seem to root out the problem.

Therefore, he came up with a sentence much more adjusted to the crime committed, always adjusted to the law. In short, Michael realized that a little embarrassment would not hurt such people who could raise their hands against another being at a disadvantage.

It ruled that the man who shot a dog would donate 9 kilos of food to an animal shelter in the area each holiday.

In recent days, this judge and champion of noble causes sentenced a woman who kept her dog in a deplorable state. He was emaciated and living in insane conditions, having to spend most of the day prowling the garbage dumps of Painsville.

“I want you to go to the county dump, and I want you to find the stinkiest, most horrible smelling place you can find, and I want you to sit there for eight hours tomorrow, to think about what you did to that dog,” he said. Judge.

And it is that, for this specialist in laws and fundamental rights of living beings, there must be sanctions. Education in this picture of situations is urgent.

Learning for the proper care of animals should be a compulsory subject for anyone who neglects or ages an animal. A course similar to that required by drivers under the influence of alcohol or other substances, for example.

Meet the judge who went viral for his creative sentences:

In another notorious case, a woman who left 35 kittens alone shivering in a cold forest in the area, was sentenced to spend a night in that same place. There, in the middle of the weather, plus a good season behind bars and a fine.

“Would you like to be dumped in a metropolitan park late at night, you spend the night listening to the coyotes, the raccoons that surround you in the dark night, and you sit there in the cold not knowing where you are going to get your next meal, not knowing when you’re going to be rescued? ”Cicconetti said.

The truth is that, once he knows the cases, this judge presents unpublished sentences. With them, he gets criminals to analyze and repent of their unworthy actions. Expect people to realize that neglect is a crime and that all living things deserve respect.

Let us not be silent accomplices of these acts. Let’s be the voice of the animals. They are our responsibility and our friends. Congratulations on this judge who is giving the abusers what they deserve!

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