The Gentle Giant: Meet the Maine Coon- The Dog Of The Cat World

North America has been known to be the home of a unique species of cat – known as the Maine Coon.

This Maine coon is also known by the nickname the ‘Gentle Giant.’ They are much different from normal domestic breeds that we would commonly find in homes across the world.

The Maine Coon kittens can grown up to the size of a tiger cub, once they reach adulthood. They sprout very quickly and one can be totally amazed to find out that when they reach adulthood, they can grow up the size of 120cm with a weight of 8.2kg – therefore having the name of a ‘Gentle Giant’.

Although the Maine Coon are unique, they are also the eldest natural breed to found within domestic cats.

Their cute pictures will make anyone go crazy to have one of these ‘Gentle Giants’.

Anyone fond of cats would love to be surrounded by these cute adorable, and social kittens.
The ‘Gentle Giants’ are different from others for their unique characteristics relating to their size and appearance. This is because they only came into existence by cross-breeding cats and racoons.

Some people also say that they are the “dogs of the cat world”. This is not just because of their humongous size, but they are also loyal to their owners and can be a bit wary of visitors in their homes.

Watch a funny video below:

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