The Elephant Regained His Freedom After 50 Years Of Suffering

Animals do not deserve the treatment that many humans give them, so knowing about the rescue of this elephant fills our hearts with joy and happiness. His name is Raju and after living for more than 50 years in the worst conditions he is breathing easy again, thanks to a foundation that decided to do something to save him.

The elephant could not contain his tears and cried when he saw his rescuers.

The pachyderm was captured by poachers when it was small and has since passed through different owners through illegal sale.

Unfortunately, none of these people resigned themselves to taking care of him properly, but added to the pain of living in captivity, the poor elephant was subjected to the most painful conditions.

The little animal was known for its nobility among the locals.

This creature experienced the same tragedy that thousands of exploited elephants live in the world. But its agony culminated when the London-based organization Wildlife SOS won the legal suit to save it from the hands of its last owner.

The most emotional thing about this story was the fact that during his rescue Raju began to cry.

The elephant was in very poor condition with shackles on its legs that hurt it, but it was also quite thin.

The creature survived thanks to the generosity of some tourists who fed it but when that did not happen it was forced to eat what it found; even if that was as toxic as plastic cans.

After going through so much work, it was evident that he was thrilled to see his rescuers.

After a year of legal struggle and with the permission ready, the volunteers of the organization carried out the rescue operation in the early hours of the morning. Everything was coldly calculated for the operation to be successful, but no one guessed what the elephant’s reaction would be.

His freedom was near.

Pooja Binepal, who participated in the operation, said that she had never seen an elephant cry before.

“The team was shocked to see how tears kept streaming down Raju’s face during his rescue. We knew in our hearts that he realized that he was being released, ”Binepal said.

For rescuers, this was the first time they had witnessed such a scene. The operation took longer than expected due to the thorn-like chains with which the animal was held, but while they worked Raju would not stop crying. That situation moved them all and prompted them to get him out of that horrible place as soon as possible.

While this was happening, the owner of the elephant threatened and struggled to prevent the rescue.

This little animal finally had the liberation it deserved for years, it should never have left its mother’s side, but now it can live in a better place.

The elephant was transferred to the Elephant Conservation Center in Mathura. He arrived at the scene at midnight, after a trip in the company of the veterinarians and workers who rescued him.

At the site, seven more elephants were waiting for him and found a better life in that center.

Now this friend will no longer have to endure hunger, much less the mistreatment and humiliation that the people who cared for him committed for years.

Raju will be protected by trained personnel and will have enough space to walk freely and enjoy a suitable diet.

Although all animals should live in their habitats, the wrong they did to this elephant can no longer be made good and leaving it alone in a wild environment could be the same as condemning it. Raju does not have the same abilities as his relatives and would be easy prey for anyone, but after his pain and tears only a better life awaits him in the sanctuary.

Man has hurt so many animals that efforts to save them are little compared to all the need that exists, but scenes like this rescue inspire us to continue fighting for them.

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