The Dog Saves Injured Bald Eagle Jammed In The Snow

Meet Kenai, the dog from Duluth, Minnesota, a heroic dog who saved the life of an injured bald eagle jammed in the snow, while on a walk with his owner. Kenai was out playing in the snow when he spotted something that made him become very irritated. He approached his owner and started barking as if he wanted for his owner to follow him.

The owner Kerrie and her friend Pam followed him and soon saw a bald eagle that seemed to be having problems in the snow. They immediately contacted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for help in saving the bald eagle. Because it was getting dark, they decided to return the following day to save the bird, with the help of some bald eagle rescue professionals.

The next morning, two women from the Department of Natural Resources arrived at the scene to save the eagle. The four people, and no doubt, the faithful dog Kenai worked together to save the injured eagle. They were able to find it by following its footprints in the snow.

Fortunately, the eagle was still alive, even if it was chilled and its feathers were frozen. They took the massive bird and quickly took it to Wildwoods, a wildlife rehabilitation organization in Duluth, where it was given pain medication and fluids and had his feathers thawed.

An examination showed that the eagle had a shoulder injury and showed signs of lead poisoning. ‘Our exam showed a shoulder injury, which we thought was likely fixable,’ Wildwoods wrote on a Facebook page. ‘And of course, like most eagles we get this time of year (during and after deer hunting season), we strongly suspected lead poisoning.’

Pam and Kerrie then took the eagle to the Raptor Center in St Paul. ‘Their exam showed lead poisoning (yes, again!), as well as a soft tissue injury of the left shoulder. The Raptor Center thinks his chances are fair, and we hope for his eventual recovery,’ Wildwoods said in the Facebook post.

Luckily, the eagle will make a full recovery, all thanks to these kind women and the brave dog. If he did not perform those heroic actions, the eagle wouldn’t have survived on the banks of an icy river in Minnesota.

‘Kerrie and Pam especially credit Kenai and her sharp eyes for spotting this bird so that he could be rescued! Good dog, Kenai!’ the center said.

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