The Dog Loves To Pet The Other Dogs That Are In The Shelter

People have been living with our pets for so long that they have already learned some behaviors reserved just for us. Maybe you didn’t know it, but the famous meows of cats are a sound that they only make with us, among them cats make other sounds. Experts think it is an evolutionary characteristic, which cats somehow developed in imitation of a baby’s cry. In this way, we awaken the same compassionate effect that triggers us in the brain when we hear a baby crying.

On the other hand, petting dogs is also a behavior that we have developed with them. The puppies show affection for each other in other ways. It can be playing games, sharing food, or even laying on top of each other. Unless we are talking about Ruby, a puppy who decided that she would take what she learned into the hands of her owner. To show your affection to the other dogs in a shelter.

Ruby has become a little celebrity after animal fanatic Alanah Lorraine shared a video of the adorable dog on her TikTok social network. In which we can see Ruby in action, occupying her paw to pet the other dogs in the establishment. In the same way that its owners should have done on more than one occasion. Those who understand dogs say that seeing a puppy put a paw on another in the way that Ruby does, is something very rare, although not non-existent.

Generally, it is usually a gesture of domination, of a dog showing that it is over the one it is ‘stroking’. But in Ruby’s case, it’s hard to believe this is the case, especially considering that when the other pup reacts to her gesture, Ruby immediately invites them to play. ‘He does it every time he’s inside. We think you want attention. Most dogs don’t bother about it and just let it pass, ”Alanah said.

Ruby is a very special puppy, which surely only adds to the friendly and playful atmosphere of the shelter where she spends the mornings, until the moment her owner picks her up. If Ruby is also petting her human, it’s something we can only guess.

You can watch the adorable video of Ruby petting her shelter mates below:


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