The Cute Baby Duck Fell Asleep With a Flower Hat on Its Head

Ducklings are cute, and some fun is needed this year when we all have some problems. Twitter user @wamlart has shared some very adorable content featuring a duckling that was filmed for 20 seconds, falling asleep with a tiny flower on her head. The caption of the tweet said “If u are feeling sad pls look at this cute duck” and definitely made a big contribution to our happiness, as you’ll feel happy just by looking at it.

The video spread quickly and inspired many people to create paintings and fan art, turning the ducklings into an Internet celebrity. The original video was made by Mother the Mountain Farm which is an organic farm in Australia and the owners found the duckling sleeping in their garden and enjoying the serenity of the outdoors.

They have called the tiny duck, Nasturtium like the flower she was calming down under and she also has a sister called Mint, who also loves flower hats. There are lots of videos and pictures of the two enjoying the garden and the sunshine, and their story is simply astonishing.

he adorable duckling even inspired some fan art!

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