The Cat Asked For Food In The Store And Took It Somewhere

A red-haired cat entered one of the butchers on the outskirts of the capital. He silently sat in front of the meat display and just watched. He was kicked out first. But after a while the cat came back and sat in silence.

The seller’s heart broke and she treated the beggar with leftovers. He picked up the meat carefully and went somewhere. Obviously, eat, the saleswoman decided. This happened the next day and the next day. The seller was already wondering where and to whom the cat takes the food?

One day, the cat came only to be on duty, and the woman managed to accompany the animal to find out where he was taking the meat. Turns out this red-haired cat is feeding… another red-haired cat, which is under a concrete slab with a broken front paw.

The woman was very compassionate – she took the injured cat to the clinic and then came back and took the beggar home from the shop.


The paw was treated and the woman took the second cat home – she couldn’t separate her friends. The doctor said that for him cats are not linked by family ties! They just survived together on the street. On the one hand, freedom – I don’t want to walk, but there is a home and a loving lover.

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