The Adopted Boy Who Knows Whats It Feels Like Not To Be Loved Gives Many Dogs A Second Chance In Life

You will now learn the story of 8-year-old Robbie Gay.

This adopted boy loves dogs, like most children, but he’s not interested in puppies.

Robbie prefers to adopt older dogs. If the kid comes to Flagler County Humane Society, Florida, and someone for him to pick a favorite, he’ll look for the older one, less likely to be adopted.

“There’s something about older dogs that I just like better,” said Robbie.

Also, in sadder situations, a divorce or a new child in the family can result in owners abandoning their elderly dogs.

The sad reality is that around 700,000 dogs are euthanized in the US each year, and many of them are elderly.

When asked if he saw himself in his favorite dogs, his answer was short and simple: “Yes, sir.”

According to Robbie’s adoptive mother, the little boy knows what it’s like to be unloved and cared for.

She added that Robbie is “hopeful, optimistic and caring” but he has “absolutely no reason to be that way”.

The poor boy had been subjected to horrible treatment before being adopted. He had been so severely abused that he was hospitalized twice with brain damage.

Then, two years ago, everything changed when Maria and her husband Charles adopted him and took Robbie into their own home.

While life looked much better for Robbie, his past still haunted him. One of the effects of such brutality in his early years was that Robbie was now unable to cry.

Until, early last year, when one of Robbie’s older dogs had to be euthanized. That’s when Robbie’s emotions finally surfaced.

After crying a lot, Robbie opened up to his mother. He said, “I know what it’s like not to be loved or taken care of, and I don’t want any animal of mine to feel that way.”

“People don’t want older dogs. They just want puppies,” Robbie said.

Robbie’s mother, Maria, said: “He’s so aware that it could have been totally different forele. And Robbie found in these older dogs a way to practice compassion.”

Robbie hopes to take an important step in the future: His dream is to adopt older children too.

Until then, he continues to show his commitment and dedication, adopting as many elderly dogs as his parents will allow.

Thanks to Robbie’s gentle and caring heart, many Florida dogs have had a second chance at life, just as Robbie did. So far they have six.

They recently adopted a shihtzu puppy named Molly after the puppy’s owner passed away.

Since this story was first reported, Robbie has volunteered with the Flagler County Humane Society, and the boy has become a powerful advocate for older dogs.

He inspired dozens of adoptions, all for loving families.

What a beautiful story of overcoming and love!! May Robbie be very happy with his old loved ones…

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