Sweet Dog With A Heart-shaped Nose That Catches Everyone’s Attention With Its Sweetness

A Dalmatian puppy first came to his new home when he was only a few weeks old. His adoptive mother, Lexi Smith, adopted him from a litter of 11 puppies.

He was far from imagining that the puppy he chose would have a brand that would make him much more cuddly, a heart shape around his little nose that would make him a celebrity.

Little dog has the mark of a heart on his nose.


For Lexi, the adorable little dog suited her personality perfectly, so she didn’t hesitate to choose him.

“He came from a litter of 11, and 8 were boys, so I had a difficult decision. The heart was there, but it was not fully formed to the point where you believed it would remain, as Dalmatian breeds change so much as they grow older. I chose it because the caregiver told me that all he did was sleep, snuggle and eat, so we already had a lot in common, “said Lexi.

For Lexi it was not his mark in the shape of a heart, but all his tenderness and the love that he conveyed with his sweet eyes that ended up taking him home.

In addition, he assures that when he was just a puppy the heart that borders his nose was not so marked, it was only with the passage of time that it became evident.

“I wasn’t sure if it was going to stay because the upper left was a separate stain.”

The puppy was named Wiley, from the first day he revealed himself to be a very playful furry eager to conquer the world in the company of his new favorite person. He has a lot of energy and wants to play with anyone who shows him a gesture of love.

Little spots of love that never stop surprising.

He loves making new friends so he is always greeting strangers, they are all very receptive and do not hesitate to fall for their charms, especially when they detail his beautiful heart-shaped nose.

“Everyone notices the heart. I can not take him anywhere without wanting to pamper him, he draws all the attention. He’s cute and he knows it! ”Said Lexi.

This beautiful ball of fur knows that he is irresistibly cute so he enjoys walking next to people and being filled with pampering, everyone wants to pamper him and tell him how beautiful he is.

Wiley not only loves to play with his fans, he is an adventurous little dog who enjoys going on excursions with his adoptive mother, they are a great team full of love and complicity.

A brand of love that lasts even as time passes.

Since Wiley came into Lexi’s life, there are more good times and adventures full of unconditional love.

“No amount of photos could fully capture all that he is and all that he means to me, he is my best friend,” Lexi noted.

This little dog is very spoiled and loves to get away with it, on his days off he loves to be on the bed and watch his favorite movie: 101 Dalmatians ”.


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He has learned many commands and never ceases to amaze his mother with his intelligence and tenderness. In this regard, Lexi commented:

“I taught him to sit down pretty early, so now whenever he wants something, he just sits back and hopes to be rewarded. He teases and growls at you when you say no, but he doesn’t have to deal with it often because he’s so cute and he usually gets his way. “

Time passes and this adorable ball of fur continues to radiate tenderness and conquer hearts, he has his own Instagram account where you can enjoy his adorable heart-shaped nose and all his adventures.

How beautiful it is to see that love manifests itself in the most genuine way possible.

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