Surprised Golden Retriever Puppy Become friend With Fawn, And Their Photo Becomes Viral

This golden retriever made an unusual friend when a baby deer decided to introduce itself.

The cute fawn gave the surprised Golden retriever a peck on the nose and That’s why he looks a bit confused, we’re sure he appreciated receiving such a sweet and pure gift.

Fawns, as everyone knows, areshy and elusive, so this good boy should feel honored that this little baby took a liking to him.

After this adorable meet was captured on camera, the photo was shared on Reddit and has gone viral.

Some people think the lovely scene looks like something straight of out a Disney movie.

Others poke some lighthearted fun at the pup’s worried glance.

One thing’s for sure; this adorable pair has managed to spread a lot of joy to a countless number of people.

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