Student Takes Her Cat To Class Because She Didn’t Want To Her Cat To Be At Home Alone

Ba Dun is a charming 1-year-old Munchkin cat, a breed known for its short legs, who lives in Xi’an City, Northwest China with his mother Mrs. Wen. The woman takes her cat to class with her after she won’t let her leave the house without him, and this particular and funny episode was recorded in a clip that was shared on the Chinese social network Douyin that quickly went viral. In Internet.

During the time that he stayed in the classroom with his mother, Ba Dun behaved very well, he seemed to know that he should remain silent and not draw attention to himself so as not to get Wen in trouble.

Ms. Wen commented to the Daily Mail:

“Ba Dun kept snuggling against my leg and looking really sad because he wanted me to stay with him. But I was late for my class. I couldn’t bear to let him down, so I took him with me to the classroom.”

Apparently, the kitten was really well behaved and the teacher never noticed his presence in the classroom. He only found out about everything that happened after the video went viral.

Ms. Wen added:

“He was being really good and not making a sound.”

According to Ms. Wen, her cat’s name ‘Ba Dun’, which translates to ‘eight meals’, honors her beloved pet’s insatiable appetite. She assures that the cute kitten could eat 8 meals if she allows it.

The adorable video quickly reached over 300 million views, and people on social media were riveted to see the lovely kitty hiding next to his mother as she attended her classes.

One user wrote:

Look at those big curious eyes! He is also studying a lot.

Ba Dun no doubt wanted to make sure that his mother would consider continuing to bring him to her classes, so that he could always stay by her side and cuddle up.

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