Street Dog Sheds Tears When A Woman Approaches With A Show Of Affection

A little dog on the street is full of many difficulties. Many look forward to the help of a human but the sad reality is that most of the time they are simply ignored and left to their own devices.

The case of a puppy in Jinzhong, China, has left many reflecting on what it means for a homeless animal to receive an unexpected gesture of support.

The little furry was wandering the streets. Apparently, he used to perform a curious signal to ask for help from humans and when a woman saw him she could not resist.

The puppy sat on its hind legs and raised its front legs to get people’s attention. The woman, whose name has not been released; She decided to stop and looked for some food to give him.

“My friends and I were going to a park when we met the little dog. He cried and asked for food, ”the woman explained.

The puppy’s reaction when he finally got something to eat left everyone with a crumpled heart. His eyes showed enormous gratitude and for a moment he seemed to show tears of happiness.

“I do not understand how there are people who say that animals have no feelings,” said a netizen.

It was evident that he was not used to receiving help and was desperate to eat. The woman was so moved by the furry’s reaction that she tried to take him with her.

“I tried to get him into the car but he refused and jumped back to the street,” said the woman.

The next day, the woman couldn’t stop thinking about that little dog and all the emotion it had shown. He returned to the street where he had given him something to eat and walked all over the area, hoping to find him again.

Unfortunately, it was all in vain. The little furry was nowhere to be found. Her friends believe that the puppy may have been scared to believe that they would put him in the car to kidnap him.

“He was afraid we were going to kidnap him. These people tend to act like this. Dogs have learned to distrust humans for their own good, ”said the woman.

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