Street Artist Painted A Perfect Illusion Of A Sphynx Cat On An Old Gas Tank

Streets artists are unluckily still very underestimated, though they can do amazing paintings with buildings or entire neighborhoods.

Almost every major city has its local street artist whose works can be seen on every corner of the street.
In Braga, Portugal, he calls himself the name of last1 and you will instantly remember his works as they are all 3D murals.

Tom Bragado Blanco, known as last1, was born in Marseille, France, and is 33-years-old. He currently painted this beautiful artwork of a giant sphynx cat on an old gas tank and caught the attention of everyone crossing the area.
The result of the optical illusion painted by the artist, the sphynx cat looks like it is sitting in the grass. The painting was inspired by the cat owned by the artist’s girlfriend and it took him 2 and a half days to finish this amazing painting.
This specific painting technique used by Blanco is called anamorphosis and creates a broken vision that makes a painting look odd from one point of view and normal from another.

To learn more about last1’s amazing work, check out the selection of his paintings and put Braga on your must-visit list.

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