Stray Kitten Falls Asleep Just After She’s Rescued

She finally felt safe ?

When Holly Knox Brookhouser was in the grocery store shopping for a small party to celebrate the second anniversary of her son Marcelo’s adoption when she looked at her phone.

Brookhouser said: I pulled up Facebook really quick and somebody on one of our local pages posted this tiny little black furball, saying that they had just rescued it out of the middle of one of the busiest roads that runs through Bentonville, Arkansas, They brought her home but couldn’t keep her.

I know sometimes not every end is good, so I couldn’t just stand idle — I had to step in. [The rescuer] told me where he lived and I knew that it was near my house, so I private messaged him.

Minutes later: Brookhouser and 4-year-old Marcelo had the tiny 1-pound kitten in the car.
It was Marcelo’s anniversary day and I thought it was an unforgettable little memento to commemorate the day. So we just thought we’d save a life.

Brookhouser asked Marcelo what he wanted to name the kitten, and after some thought, he answered: Appleseed.

The kitten was interestingly calm and comfortable around her new foster mom. She climbed right up on her shoulder, nestled in her hair, and fell asleep

Appleseed slept on her foster mom’s shoulder for the entire car ride, not even excited when Brookhouser picked up her daughter from school.

Brookhouser realized the little kitten was covered in fleas and dehydrated. After a few days in quarantine, the kitten broke out of her pen and began policing the other animals in the house.

She’s the boss now, She is like dynamite in this tiny little furry package.

Appleseed is very happy to be with her foster family, making it impossible not to fall in love with her. She makes herself busy attacking her human family’s ankles and giving tons of affection.

She likes following Marcelo around. We need to watch out right now because she is under our feet all the time.

When Appleseed is big enough, she will go to her forever home — and there’s already much interest in the little kitten.

As much as Brookhauser has enjoyed her time with Appleseed, she knows the kitten will surely make someone else very happy.

Watch the great video below:

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