Stray Dog Left All Alone After His Pillow Got Stolen And None Helped Him

Buzu is a homeless dog who was found wandering the streets of Romania, desperately looking for company.

Nobody knew where he came from, but what they did know very well is that the street boy always wanted a little love and attention from a human and a home to call his own.

Buzu was absolutely alone and helpless in the streets

Unfortunately, Buzu’s efforts to find love were in vain. Every day he collided face to face with the cold indifference of most of the passers-by, who continued on their way without noticing what the street dog might need.

One or another took pity on him and occasionally gave him a little food, but mostly, he survived by feeding on the edible things he found in the city dumps.

For shelter, all the homeless dog had was a flimsy cardboard box.

But it wasn’t the worst. One fine day, when he was able to see a woman that he might be able to move to adopt him, he couldn’t think of anything better than to follow her as fast as her little legs would allow him.

In his nobility of heart, he still hoped that this human had a hint of his same feelings, but it didn’t.

Totally sad and defeated, he returned to his corner, but found that even the bowl of food and the little pillow that a man gave him, someone had stolen.

For home he only had this cardboard box left.

Every day, for Buzu, there was a hope in his heart. He wandered the streets, approaching people, keeping the firm conviction that this would be his lucky moment and that someone would see in him much more than a stray dog, offering him the opportunity to go home. However, that day he never came.

His pitiful life on the streets finally got to him. His skin became ill with severe scabies and the rough, spoiled food affected his little teeth.

Watch Buzu’s story in this moving video:

When rescuers from Romania’s Howl Of A Dog found Buzu flea-infested and sick, he was convalescing, awaiting an end to his loneliness and pain.

When rescuers from Romania’s Howl Of A Dog found Buzu flea-infested and sick, he was convalescing, awaiting an end to his loneliness and pain.

The volunteers won the heart and trust of Buzu who had waited so long for this moment

Luego lo llevaron al refugio y le dieron el baño y el tratamiento que había estado necesitando desde hace mucho tiempo.

Pronto, Buzu se convirtió en un perro extremadamente amoroso y amigable. El refugio encontró para él un hogar perfecto en Inglaterra, donde su nueva madre tiene una guardería para perros.

Buzu received a good bath and all the necessary care to recover his health.

As if this were not enough, Buzu also has cat friends to keep him company all the time. It seems that this pet will never be alone again!

It was worth something that Buzu did not lose hope. Although the consequences of a life on the streets were about to sentence her destiny forever, the dream of this furry one who never gave up finally came true, just in time to enjoy the joys that are to come.

Check out Buzu’s new life in England!

Knowing that with the adoption of Buzu one less puppy is on the streets fills our souls with happiness. Let’s celebrate that one more little street has achieved it, leaving behind the harsh life of the outdoors, replacing it with a bed, a family and many friends to play with.

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