Stray Dog Interrupted The Show To Comfort The Actor Who Pretended To Be Injured

The dog is indeed our best friend. They not only help us in daily life but also comfort us. They will not say comforting words but will express their love and care for their parents and friends through their actions and gestures. Many dogs are even professionally trained to do human work. Treatment dogs, guide dogs, police dogs, have you seen them?

The action of the stray dog ​​in this visuals will melt your heart. He interrupted the performance to comfort the actor who pretended to be injured.

“I was very touched. He was like an angel who wanted to help me.”

In a recent theater performance in Turkey, Numan Ertuğrul Uzunsoy asks to lie on the floor with an injured script. Of course, the injury is fake.

This dog is living when people are watching street performances. He made a lovely response.

“The character I played was injured and in great pain,” Uzunsoy spoke to The Dodo. “He’d fallen off a horse, and was breathing hard.”

When Uzunsoy was lying on the ground, his pretend experience did not attract people’s attention. But not sure about four-legged listeners.From a wing, the stray dog made his entrance — interrupting the play to comfort the “injured” stranger.

Uzunsoy didn’t see it coming.

“I felt warmth on my face. First, I thought my costar was approaching me,” Uzunsoy said. He was wrong.

After Ujinsoy realized the truth, he couldn’t help breaking his character. His face turned into a smile.

“I was very happy when I felt the dog’s kisses,” Uzunsoy said. “I was very touched. He was like an angel who wanted to help me. It was a very emotional moment for me. I was not expecting it.”

No one in the crew seemed to mind that pause in the action. Rather, the reaction to the pup’s interruption was quite the opposite.

“My castmates loved the dog, and the audience was very happy,” Uzunsoy said. “Everyone cheered.”

Finally, the stray dog ​​walked off the stage, accompanied by a crew member, where he stayed for a while before slipping away. The actors hope that the party that day is just the first step in many performances.

Uzunsoy hopes to see the cub’s growth and help him find permanent parents in return for his kindness to Uzunsoy.

“The next day I went to the same place, looking for him. People told me he usually hangs out there. I went again today,” Uzunsoy said. “I’ll look for him until I find him. I’ve always loved animals.”

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