Stray Dog Arrives Injured At A Gas Station, Is Adopted And Now Is A Very Adorable Employee

A puppy is not only man’s best friend, but an excellent companion and most loyal worker. If you doubt it, wait until you meet the puppy who has stolen everyone’s hearts at a gas station in Brazil. In addition to compliance, the furry restored the spirits of all the employees of the establishment.

The puppy even earned the right to a uniform and badge as an official worker.

For a puppy that lives on the streets, every sunrise is a new challenge. These animals must face fatigue, hunger, dehydration and adverse climates on a daily basis; in addition, the mistreatment of some people.

The greatest blessing they can receive is a total change of that reality and for this furry baptized as Ulisses that miracle has already happened.

In Barra do Garças, in the eastern region of Mato Grosso, the ALE Rodocar gas station adopted the dog that frequently visited them in search of a little food.

As revealed by the administrator of the place, Marluci Ribeiro, Ulisses arrived for the first time in August of last year and as the employees began to pamper him and feed him, he became fond of the place.

His visits were common, but on one occasion the puppy arrived injured and it was at that moment that the workers decided to do something else for him.

Marluci remembers that moment very well and he was also moved by the generosity of his workers, so he had no choice but to join the cause.

“The track employees gave him food and water. It was then that we realized that he was sick and so we mobilized to pay for the treatment, including the help of the clients”.

Ulisses became a regular puppy and had even won over customers, so at the gas station they decided to adopt him. Of course, they would do it for all of the law. The dog stopped being a stray the moment he was identified with his leash and uniform.

In this way, he knew that if the puppy decided to return to his adventures on the street, a neighbor or client would surely identify him and return him home.

The furry man gets along with everyone in the place but Seu Antonio, 73, is the employee with whom Ulisses empathizes the most. The man has a great affection for him and that is why he always worries about him.

“He is a bit of a naughty dog, but I love him that way. He doesn’t really like food, no. He really likes meat », said the old man.

This story went viral on social networks after the same clients of the place were in charge of sharing it. Many arrive for a quick service for their vehicles and end up spending more time than necessary, just to spend time with the dog.

Between the attentions of the clients and the workers of the station, the dog got the blessing that he deserved so much. Now he has left behind his life of necessities on the street and carries a more dignified present, surrounded by attention and love.

The most tender thing in this case is the friendship between Ulisses and Seu Antonio, since for the man this puppy is an angel and he is happy to have it.

“Ulysses came into our lives to add, because we can no longer get to the position and not see it (…) Our life changed everything in every way. We can no longer live without him,” he added.

This man is wise to recognize all the joy that the puppy has given him and the great value that these creatures have. Now, Ulisses is happy and also a busy and hard-working furry.

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