Story Of A Kind Woman Who Saved Many Elephants Who Lost Parents To Ivory Trade

Illegal poaching is more common than anybody can think of and is a real threat to our dwindling wildlife population. Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick, a famous wildlife activist, has dedicated her life toward helping the baby elephants left orphaned by the cruel poachers who massacre adult elephants for their tusks.

Daphne changed her focus to orphaned elephants in 1977. Initially, it was not easy for the young elephants to survive without their mothers. But over the years, Daphne’s non-stop research helped her create a special feeding-milk formula that helps the elephants get the adequate nutrition required to develop normally.
Daphne is a godmother to all the elephants she raises. Elephants have a strong sense of family, which is why they always run to hug their adoptive mother whenever they see her. Later in her life, Daphne noticed the huge number of rhinos being killed for their horns. So she started to work on this issue as well.

All the animals raised by Daphne are returned back into their natural habitat when they’re old enough. Unfortunately, the ivory tusk trade and other banned animal-based smuggling still thrive due to its popularity in the black market, which continues to put these animals at risk. Let’s raise our voices and help put end to this monstrous trade.
Click the video below to watch Daphne’s invaluable contribution toward the orphaned elephants!

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