Sneaky Little Dog Sneaks Into A Pet Store And Runs Away With A Giant Bone

Our furry friends are very special beings, they always surprise us with their occurrences. They have great intelligence, they don’t need to speak to make themselves understood and get what they want.

The vast majority of dogs have a defined and adorable personality and that is well known by the workers of Agroveterinaria Los Paisas, a pet store and animal clinic in the town of Andalusia, Colombia.

The staff of this store love animals and enjoy their visit very much, although sometimes they are surprised by the antics of some puppies, just as the protagonist of this story did.

Victoria Andrea Viviana, who works as an employee at Agroveterinaria Los Paisas, was helping clients when she received an unexpected visit from a witty puppy who took advantage of her distraction to do a mischief.

This adorable puppy knew very well how not to miss that golden opportunity to get what he wanted.

The store employees were surprised by that puppy who apparently had a plan.

While no one was looking, the dog quietly entered the store and went behind the counter, it was as if he wanted to go unnoticed.

Then it became clear that there was something that had powerfully caught his attention. The dog’s goal was to reach a giant bone to take home.

The cub went straight to where the bone was, but his escape was not in any way.

Don’t miss the video showing what the crafty pup did to get his way:

“I was surprised by how cunningly the dog took the bone, even one of our clients wanted to stop him, but the puppy was very agile,” said Victoria.

In a matter of minutes the store employees had been victims of a hilarious robbery, but it was not long before they unmasked the stealthy person responsible.

The owner of the puppy realized her pet’s mischief and without thinking went to pay for the bone she had taken without permission.

“The owner of the little dog came to pay for the bone she stole, but obviously we didn’t take her money. It is something that happened unexpectedly, and the dog was able to amuse many people who saw the video, “added Victoria.

After everything that happened, the experience remained as a funny anecdote, it was really an occurrence of the furry that will be remembered without resentment.

“The dog will always be welcome here, as well as any other animal that wants to come and visit us,” added Victoria.

Without a doubt, this puppy is very intelligent, and even if he took the bone without paying, who can doubt his innocence?

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