Since She Was Pregnant, The Kitten She Rescued Takes Care Of Protecting Her Baby

There are those who say that kittens are not affectionate or consider themselves a member of the family. A cute kitty named Panda is proof that nothing is further from the truth.

This furry girl was rescued from the streets and was always very grateful to her owner, Liel Ainmar.

However, once Liel became pregnant the kitten did not take long to understand and decided to give a small demonstration of how happy she felt for her new human brother.

“You can clearly see that she adored him from the beginning. She is the best kitten ”, Liel celebrated.

As Liel’s belly grew, the kitten spent more and more hours purring with the future mother. Obviously, she liked being very close to the baby and understood perfectly that a new member of the family would soon arrive.

“That was my kitten. He was meowing all over the house to let me know that my baby had woken up. They loved each other very much ”, commented a netizen.

The furry girl let her protective instincts shine through and refused to part with her owner. He wanted to be with her at all times and always hugged her belly with all the delicacy in the world.

“Once I got pregnant, she started following me around the house. He liked to lean his head on my belly and purr, ”Liel explained.

Months later, the baby was born and the kitten had no room for happiness. She continued with her work as a protective sister and usually spends the entire day in the little human’s room.

There is no doubt that both have a special connection for months before their birth.

“The little one will know what true love is. Congratulations, ”said a user on the networks.

Many would hesitate to leave a baby so close to a pet, but Liel knows her kitten very well and knows that all she wants is to provide love and make sure nothing bad happens in the house.

“Now Panda jumps on the bed to be next to him. He smells it and feels close ”, celebrated the proud Liel.

The baby was named Sean and is just over 3 months old. Sean loves napping with his mother and cute Panda.

There is no doubt that over the years he and the kitten will have endless adventures together. Nothing more beautiful than growing up with a pet to learn about the infinite love of animals.

Animals are really intelligent and special beings. Pets help families to be truly complete with lots of love and fur everywhere. Share!

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