S’ick Puppies With Very Swollen Tummies Are Found Caring For Each Other

The sterilization of our pets, more than an obligation is an act of love. It is to avoid that many innocent puppies end up in the street s’uffering without deserving it. Such is the case with a couple of dogs. The conditions in which they were found shocked everyone.

A video touched the hearts of many people by showing the situation suffered by two little dogs in Lopburi, Thailand. Two fearful woolly men were seen stuck side by side in the street, trying to overcome the harsh situations they had to live through.

The ticks had colonized their bodies and had a bulging abdomen from fluid retention and parasites. They were f’amished, they had not eaten for several days and their condition was quite h’eartbreaking to the point of being in danger of d’eath.

The news circulated and there the alarming state of malnutrition they presented was announced, which affects the low production of albumin levels in the blood, a protein that is synthesized by the liver. You had to act immediately.

“How sad to have to see what the dogs have to go through by people who do not hurt their suffering of the animals and release them to the street,” said a moved user.

According to the opinion of experts, if they had not been treated in time, their fate could have been f’atal. Fortunately, they were found and taken to a veterinary clinic where they received the attention of a specialist who treated them promptly.

When people approached them to help them, they were scared, perhaps because they had been mistreated before and were very afraid, and in a kind of animal fraternal support and protection, they stuck side by side in front of the wall.

The professionals who attended them know their work very well and with care and patience they made them feel confident. Thus they were able to verify that the application of blood transfusions was imperative and began to supply the respective medication.

They also had to dedicate themselves to solving the problem of their bulging bellies. They had to be sedated to drain the fluid from their abdomens, but the effort was worth it, they soon began to show signs of obvious improvement.

They recovered and began to eat properly and normally, to the point that they also played like any puppy. The hard work paid off, their tender bellies were reduced and a rescue group in the area was in charge of finding the resources to cover the expenses incurred.

“Thank God there are still good people who care about those little animals,” said a concerned Internet user.


It was only expected that they were discharged, to start the process of finding a home for them where they can receive the care and love necessary to continue with a new life of dog mischief. We hope they get it soon.

Share this heartwarming story with all your loved ones and we hope that a loving family will soon welcome them. As a moral, let’s not forget that sterilization is an act of love.

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