“Sheep Pi’gs” Are Real And They’re Like Giant Furry Dogs

We all know that sheep are quite hairy animals, which is part of their attractiveness as farm animals. But when we think of p’igs, we definitely don’t think of them as hairy animals. On the contrary, we think of p’igs as being nearly sparse with their fur and constantly dunking themselves in mud in order to stay cool.

However, there is a “sheep p’ig” out there, and they’re quite the unique-looking animal. The Mangalitsa p’ig is an actual hairy p’ig! They have the appearance of a sheep with a wooly coat, but they’re actually bred to be pets since they’re quite tamable. The breeder of the Mangalitsa p’ig has said that they can be tamed just like dogs if they’re shown enough affection. As a result, these p’igs have been known to follow around their owners or play with their owners like a dog.

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