She Threw The Ashes Of Her Dog And His Silhouette Formed In The Air

An event in Chicago attracted a lot of people’s attention, a woman lost her beloved puppy. She said that she had a great opportunity to “see” her puppy one last time and it was very exciting.

A moment which she called “a supernatural moment” was when she spread the ashes of her dog. The woman’s dog was named Wagner, he recently died at the age of 12, he was of the Golden Retriever breed.

The woman named Ashley Lang decided to scatter her ashes in her favorite place, which was a park, where the dog loved to walk.

Her friend decided to take photos of the moment when her friend scattered the ashes in the park and the surprising thing happened, in the photo you could clearly see the silhouette of Ashley’s dog.

“It was a remarkable and incredible situation, the legs and the tail … it really looks like … it was going and going to the sky,” Ashley told CBS Chicago about what happened.

On social media, the photo went viral, and I called the scene “The Dog’s Angel,” Ashley added.

She thinks the photograph was a way for her beloved dog Wagner to say goodbye to her.

That was undoubtedly a way for the dog to say goodbye to his owner and thank her for the good times they spent together.

It was a very beautiful moment! This photo represents the beautiful friendship between the woman and the dog, it was recorded so that the woman remembers her beloved dog forever.

Dogs are very close to us, so it is clear that he wanted to do something to be able to say goodbye to his owner, now he will have this beautiful memory forever.

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